Thursday, October 25, 2007

My dirty little secret

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The above photo was taken at Nine Emperor God Festival (Kow Wong Yeh).When i saw this incident,i rushed to the scene with my camera.My heart was filled with excitement and as the fire burning,my finger can't stop hitting the shutter.
Honestly,i was hoping the fire will spread faster and bigger.I felt the heat,i heard the scream,i captured the moment and i enjoyed it.

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

The excitement is gone when the people united.The sound of applause woke me up from my evil fantasy.

My heart had taken over my brain for that moment.

Curse me!


Anston said...

Haha... u seems to be more exited if the fire grows! But becareful lor :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I do like ur photos too, cheers :D

Princess Eileen said...

Haha... you must one of the photographers gang then. Nice to meet you too :) Haha, dun ask me how I can involved with that gang. A very happy coincidence :)

Ryan Chong said...


yeah..i feel so bad about it!Don't know what will happen if the fire really grows!


thanks for drop by!oh?happy coincidence?hmm..nvm,i'll find it out soon. =P

iziana said...

harlow ryan :)
lurv ur pics

nway, i wanna know
do u like lomo pics?
i personally lurvvvv lomo
m planning 2 get a lomo cam soon

keep d good work bro :)

Ryan Chong said...

hi iziana!

great to see u here. =)
hey i do like lomo so so so much!
i just borrowed a fisheye from my fren 2 weeks ago but i havent finish the film yet. =(
Must finish it this Sunday..can't wait to see my very first lomo photos!